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No other medium touches all senses and is more physical and intense. At BENG!, events are designed like a supermarket selling brand value, commitment and products. Gently pushing attendees towards the checkout, topping up their cart a little higher than they intended.

Social Media

We believe “social” is about authentic and valuable dialog. Not about the number of Facebook friends. Social media can provide a variety of platforms for engaging relevant people in that dialog. But frankly, it takes hard and consistent work to maintain social dialogs and to keep them mutually valuable. We especially like to explore the zone between “digital” and “analog,” with concepts crossing over from computer or cell phone to the real world.

Stunts, Virals, Promotions and Pop Ups

A well-designed and executed stunt, viral, flash mob, pop up or promotion should accomplish 2 things: the awe of the audience and the optimal conversion to positive word of mouth/mouse, publicity and sales. We like to think way out of the box; and if such an idea proves to be spot on, safe and feasible, we ask our clients: “why not?”

Corporate and Product Anniversaries

People tend to be nicer to you on your birthday. We believe a corporate or product anniversary to be the perfect alibi to propel relationships to the next level, making it easier to stimulate sales and achieve in- and external BHAG’s. A yearlong window of opportunity to convert your typical approach to "birthday mode" and top it with some festive icing.

Corporate Communications

Every boardroom generates messages -happy or sad- that impact the company and its people. Take mergers and acquisitions. While the board members reflect on new corporate goals and ambitions, their employees stall and postpone critical decisions. Their minds are elsewhere: “Will we still have a job when the smoke clears?” “ What will be expected from us?” “How are we to merge culturally with our new colleagues, often former competitors?” At BENG! we are experts at managing important messaging and have fresh and effective ideas to do so.

Internal Branding

Satisfaction is nothing more than an experience that exceeds an expectation. Marketing and sales are about promises. But who is delivering? And how? We feel very strongly that every employee must understand what is promised on their behalf, so they can be motivated to provide the most positive client experience possible. We not only have great ideas to motivate employees, but coming from a country where it is against the law to make unsupported claims in advertising, we have mastered the balancing act between promise and delivery.

Motivation, Incentives and Rewards

We believe that motivation primarily has to come from the heart. Bells, whistles and incentives are only effective when participants are offered enticing, meaningful rewards. We work with our clients to develop energizing incentive criteria and motivational events for any circumstance. And thanks to our offices on both sides of the pond, we bring top achievers to the most exiting destinations in the US, Europe, Africa and Asia. Ibiza anyone?

Corporate Social Responsibility

Frankly, we see more PR driven CSR than authentic corporate efforts to maintain optimal relationships with the public sphere and natural resources. You won’t hear us brag about our “buddy projects,” supporting organizations that deserve a full-blown BENG! at a minimal contract fee. We love to brag however, about our significant contributions to the sustainability and CSR of our clients. Our latest innovation: a CO2 calculator, displaying the costs of neutralizing the CO2 emission that your BENG! creates. A great way to contribute to green energy initiatives and - why not - gain some great PR.